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Interesting Facts About Beach Party Bingo Game And Other Bingo Games

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Beach Party Bingo game is one of the most popular Latin bingo games. It is maily played in different casinos across South America. There are also sites that provide beach party bingo game online. They offer welcome bonuses to new players and award lots of prizes to lucky winners. As a player, you will be required to complete each bingo pattern that consists of a certain number of cards. After placing your preferred stake, a number of bingo balls will be rolled. You win the bet if you find the numbers on your cards and also when you manage to complete the entire pattern.

These Are The Types of Bingo Games

American Bingo

English Bingo

Players are advised to test the two games and make a selection. You can win real money by participating in bingo game. You should however understand that there is no precise winning strategy that will guarantee you 100% win. This is because balls are constantly being rotated in the special box. This makes it difficult to predict the one that will be next. Even seasoned gamblers find it quite challenging.

These Are The Gameplay Basics

Despite the fact that bingo game does not have special strategies for winning, it is important that you understand some of gameplay basics. They will help you in the course of playing.

English Bingo

English bingo is created using a total of 90 balls. Before you begin to play the game, you are required to buy cards that contain numbers starting from 1-90. On average, 15 numbers are put on every card. The dealer starts the game after all the players have completed the process of buying cards. You are supposed to mark each ball on the card. The ball is usually announced.

There are three main steps in bingo game. The first step is when one line is completed. The second step is when two lines are completed and the third step is when the entire card is completed. Each of these steps ends when the player says the word ‘bingo’.

Every card in English bingo is normally divided into 9 columns and three horizontal lines.

American Bingo

American bingo is slightly different from European bingo in the sense that it has 75 balls in total for the gameplay. In addition, it features 5×5 cards, all with empty centres. Only 24 numbers are used.

Every ball has both letter and number attached to it. For instance letter C for numbers which range from 1-15. Players have the freedom to collect different cards. You will be shown all combinations that are acceptable. You should keep on looking at your card as you shout ‘bingo’.

Interested players can join casinos of their choice or sign up with online sites that offer bingo beach party game. Lucky winners will get money and lots of other prizes.


In conclusion,bingo game is an interesting casino game that comes in different versions. There are some slight variations depending on the version of the game. You are encouraged to choose your preffered version and give it a try.