Techniques to beat the roulette wheel

In the absence of online connectivity, playing roulette in traditional casino involved a series of slow paced activities. Thanks to the Internet.

Online roulette is one of modern day Do-It Yourself activities that has reversed the trend of the doing business by taking services to the people. You no longer wait.  Online roulette tables are on 24/7, vast and accommodative of amateurs and professional roulette players.  You don’t need prior experience in the game and can learn the roulette wheel layout here to see more about how the wheel is beaten. Roulette wheel physics is an interesting topic and you need to know how to predict winning numbers.

This article highlights seven improved ways of Playing Roulette Online yet maintains the thrill of the game in traditional casino establishment.

Online roulette boasts of speed, slick features, simple easy to read and understand instructions, shift in the betting industry, safety, security and fast payoffs.


1.    Speed Supersedes Performance

You want to sign into the website, select the variant game of choice, redeem bonus, place bet and start playing roulette.  Here is how it works.  You can pick up to thirty different roulette variant games on slots, Fruit Fantasia, King of the Jungle; Strike it Rich, Football Frenzy and many more depending on your preference and choice. You’re connected to the casino through remote internet link along side with other players.  Speed counts. No one of the players wants to wait.

In online live roulette, the outcome of the game is determined by valid detection. Should the host computer experience a temporary lapse in function before the game reaches “NO MORE BETS,” stage, your bet will be cancelled.     If the interruption occurs after “NO MORE BETS,” the bet will be sustained but no further action will take place until connectivity is reinstated.

2.    Slick Features

Improved features make playing roulette online exciting.  You get similar experience and sensation in the game on smart phone, tablet and computer.  The size and shape of the equipment makes no difference to the quality and performance you desire in the game.

The difficulty in manual shuffling of numbers in traditional casino presents no challenge online.  Numbers are automatically generated by machine to save time and eliminate the fear of human error.

3.    Simple Easy to Read and Understand Instructions, Rules and Regulations

Tailor made easy to read and understand instructions to match the need and level of competence to gamble are readily available and accessible online. You’re the coach, referee and player all three rolled out in one package in the game.  Take time to read the material online and you’re up playing in no time.


4.    Shift in the Betting Industry

Technology is putting power in the hands of ordinary members of society to participate in playing roulette online from the confine of the home and convenience of the smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktops.  The internet has changed the face of gambling from a preserve to all members of society.  Proximity of online gambling cuts down on time and maximizes on the thrill through Live Online Roulette.

You save up on travel time.  No worry over dress code.  No one wants to know if you’re playing the game in the bathroom, sitting or study room in the house. You could be in shots and slippers padding around in the room or outside on the veranda playing roulette online.  The best time to play online roulette is your time. You can’t switch off and sleep, take the smart phone with you into the bedroom and play roulette online.  Sit in the park in the park any time with your tablet, laptop or smart phone and play roulette online.

5.    Stream of Events

Online roulette maintains a constant stream of well coordinated repetitive events calculated to save on time and improve performance. You’re playing in under five minutes from signing in, selecting the variant of roulette including redeeming bonus or placing bet. These improved activities take place so fast you hardly notice the sequence of time.

6.    Safety

You can check out safe, secure and trusted online roulette website casinos in advance from reviews. “When it comes to roulette online, you need a site that you can trust to be objective, impartial and reliable…” a report from eOnline casino review recommends. Your choice of European roulette determines advantage safety win over American Roulette and French version of the game.

7.    Fast Payoff

Online roulette casinos sort out winners, losers and make fast payoffs on the spot without delay, plus giving you rewards for loyalty.  Transition from traditional to online roulette table can take a little time to get used to.  Stick to European roulette wheel if you want to increase your chance of winning. Whether you prefer playing roulette online or in traditional casino establishment, the rules, regulations, bets and instructions are the same across the board.

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